Alchemy of nine dimensions : the 2011/2012 prophecies and nine dimensions of consciousness

by Barbara Hand Clow, 1943-

Book, 2010



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As we enter the end dates of the Mayan calendar, exploring the nine dimensions of consciousness becomes essential to our evolutionary survival as a species.

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I can’t give any of this author’s books less than five stars, since they are all works of genius and gift us with knowledge previously unknown to us. Barbara has access to higher realms owing to her close contact with the Pleiadians, whom she terms “the P’s”. She states that she has had “an on-and-off dialogue with beings from the Pleiades” since she was four months old.

Since the knowledge relayed to us in this book is so advanced, it, like the others, is no easy read and demands the reader’s full attention.

The book describes the nine dimensions to which we humans potentially have access by means of various energetic techniques. A chapter is devoted to each dimension. Barbara’s husband, Gerry, provides a unique meditation at the beginning of each chapter as well as authoring the final chapter which contains various exercises and meditations.

First, I would explain that the first dimension “located in the center of Earth is the Source of grounding ourselves”, the second dimension is below Earth’s surface, the third is “our solid world” and the fourth is “the realm of our collective mind”.

The fifth dimension is “a realm of light that centers in the human heart”. The sixth dimension is “the realm of geometric forms that replicate as plants, animals, humans and material objects in 3D”. E.g. the idea of “Cow” exists in 6D, and then many cows replicate in 3D”. The seventh dimension is “a realm of cosmic sound that generates the 6D geometric forms by vibrational resonance”. The eighth dimension is “the realm of the Divine mind –Light – that manifests through the visible light spectrum in 3D”. The ninth dimension “emanates out of the black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy”.

To revert to 1D, this is the iron core crystal in the centre of the Earth. Barbara says that we can imagine 1D as the beginning of all manifestation. There are in fact many more dimensions than the nine described in the book: e.g. the vertical axis “which connects all nine dimensions, is the tenth dimension. According to the “P’s”, there are 26 dimensions in all.

Re 2D, the Keepers of this dimension are the elementals – “radioactive, chemical, mineral, viral and bacterial intelligences” – millions of workers who maintain this dimension.

Re 3D, we humans are its Keepers. 3D is the zone where the physical and nonphysical dimensions intersect. We’re informed of the value of creating an altar where we sit with our back to the West, facing the East, with North to our left and South to our right. When meditating with this physical orientation, we will have the opportunity of becoming aware of the spirits. Those coming to us from the East give us creative guidance for the day, those energies coming from the West show us what we need to transform and perhaps discard, those from the North inspire us to seek the most challenging outcome of the day, and those coming from the South want to support and nurture us. The fifth direction is straight down into Earth, which provides us with unlimited powers and strength, while the sixth is the vertical axis into the sky to all the higher worlds. The seventh direction is our heart, our centre.

Re 2D, this “holds the memory of human events throughout time”. Its Keepers are the Annnunaki, “a race of divine beings”. 4D is the first non-physical yet “emotionally detectable” dimension. Barbara states that it seems to be a world “filled with great gods and goddesses, angels and demons, and dragons and kings”. (I must say I find it hard to relate to her definition of this dimension. When I was young and read Ouspensky, I understood that the fourth dimension was time; however, now it is said that time does not exist.) Though I can relate to Barbara’s statement that the power in 4D is in our feelings.

Re 5D, the author states that this is light. We can attain enlightenment just by being loving (e.g. Lester Levenson, the founder of the Release Method, where we learn to love ourselves and all others –my comment). 6D holds the forms of 3D, 7D “awakens cellular memory by sound”, 8D is God and 9D “spins out the cycles of time” (whatever that means).

There is also a chapter about crop circles and the nine dimensions. Barbara calls those who create the crop circles “the Circlemakers”. She states that the Circlemakers may be higher dimensional frequencies of the Pleiadians “who are very high-dimensional”.

In conclusion, I found this to be an amazing book well worth reading, if you have time to devote yourself to digesting this deep material. Highly recommended!
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