Exploring Atlantis, Vol. 1

by Frank. Alper




Call number

GN751.A474 1981 v.1



Publisher Unknown


This book is a compilation of spiritually channeled lectures through the soul of Dr. Frank Alper. It deals with the social, moral, sexual, & spiritual customs & habits of the ancient Atlanteans. The majority of this book is devoted to the functions & uses of quartz crystals by the Atlanteans. Their sizes, shapes, colors, & functions are an integral part of this presentation. Many geometric patterns for healing with the crystals are described in detail. This book also deals with the Great Healing Temple, as well as the Temple of the Dolphins, describing their functions in great detail. Frank Alper is a well-known & respected teacher of metaphysics & spiritual growth throughout the Southwest. He founded the Arizona Metaphysical Society in 1974, & placed it under the energies of The Church of Tzaddi in January 1980. The Church of Tzaddi is a non-denominational, metaphysical church committed to the spiritual & personal development of the individual. This is achieved through classes, healing, counseling, & prayer. Frank completed his initiations in 1975, & was given the spiritual name of "Christos", which means "The Enlightened One." Since that time he has become one with his soul "Adamis," & channels his truths at the conscious level.… (more)


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