They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America

by Ivan Van Sertima

Hardcover, 1976



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E109.A35 V36


Random House (1976), Edition: 1st, 288 pages


Examines cultural analogies between Native Americans and Africans, offering evidence of the presence of African explorers in the New World centuries before the arrival of Columbus.

Media reviews

“In 1976 Ivan Van Sertima proposed that New World civilizations were strongly influenced by diffusions from Africa. This article shows the proposal to be devoid of any foundation.”

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LibraryThing member doowatt34
A fine specimen of investgative research, from a scholar who dared to dispute the "columbus discovered america" historical fantasy. Some of the focus of this work is the explorations of the Malian Dynasty of Prince Sundiata, The 25th Dynasty of Kemet under Tirharkas family, the African Pheonesians, all of which were seafaring shipbuilders and adventurers and who made their way to America by sailing on the currents which brought them straight to the western hemisphere...while here they left prime specimens of their cultures, that are still to this day larger than life itself and by no means unmistakable. The Olmac civilzation is the catalyst for the Maya, Inca others and its African links are unrefutable. When Columbus visited West Africa, he gained the knowledge of the western hemispheric landmass and the peoples ability to sail, while there. Other examples of authors works that adds to the research are by Jairazbhoy, Bey, Sterling, Loewen, Dunjee, Rashidi...… (more)
LibraryThing member fadeledu
Nice chapter on Mali Empire and Abubakari's naval expedition., but studiously omits any overt references to Islam or Muslims.


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