Inca Origins

by Graeme R. Kearsley

Paperback, 2003



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Yelsraek Publishing (2003), Edition: UK ed., 866 pages


The first section of this work is a general review of some of the researches undertaken by the first Europeans who entered the Pacific and who readily perceived the contacts and cultural connections between Asia and Australia, South America and even Africa. The central chapters review the archaeology and associated references in South America with parallels included where appropriate from Asia and more usually with the Ancient Middle East. This section concentrates more on the Inca Origin myths as well as the many references in myth and legend showing that there must have been mariner contacts between Asia and South America probably over 5000 years before the arrival of the Europeans. The middle to last chapters deal with the many parallel cultural aspects that are reflected in the Near Middle East that are most likely the result of this cross-Pacific transfer through Oceania to South America that appear in the available archaeological and iconographical record as well as the evidence preserved in the local oral traditions in myths and legends where applicable.… (more)


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