Pacal's Portal to Paradise at Palenque

by Graeme R. Kearsley

Paperback, 2002



Call number

F1435.1 .P2 K43


Yelsraek Publishing (2002), 174 pages


The Maya are held up as the supreme apogee of indigenous Amerindian peoples in Central America - but is that true? Why are the imagery, deity, hero and god names so remarkably similar to that in Ancient India? The Pacific Ocean equatorial currents provide direct marine highways from Asia direct to central America and the Maya and vice versa. This book provides comparative aspects of archaeology, iconography, mythology and available history that focuses on Palenque where the architecture, sculpture, architectural construction and design are unusual even for the Maya to show that they relate directly, and certainly originates, from many examples in India. The supreme iconographical monument from the Maya civilisation is thought by many to be Pacal's Funerary Slab at Palenque and this is shown to reflect this same iconography originating in India but assimilated into the finest achievement of Mesoamerican civilisation.… (more)


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