America B.C.: Ancient Settlers in the New World, Revised Edition

by Barry Fell

Paperback, 1989


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E103 .F33


Pocket (1989), Edition: Revised, 352 pages

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The book reads like a story of exploration and adventure. The cracking of old languages and their stories have always been fascinating to read for me. Fell's careful steps in describing the celtic and phonicean explorations and settlements in America is exciting. His recounting the naval battle
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Ceasar faced in Gaul was spot on considering most people don't consider the Celts as having any type of navy. I had just finished reading the "Conquest of Gaul" by Ceasar not even a few months ago and it dawned on me then that it was fascinating that they had a navy so capable. I had totally forgotten it though until I reread it in America BC. I believe that America is ripe for a reinvestigation into our Ancient History. The era of anything before 1492 is clearly of Indian origin (which has always smacked of the ludicrous to me) is at an end. We, as well as the Indians, should revel in our history together and look at it with a critical eye.
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