The Mayan Prophecies: Unlocking the Secrets of a Lost Civilization

by Maurice Coterell

Hardcover, 1996



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F1435 .G47


Barnes & Noble Books (1996), 337 pages


Who were the Maya? How were these ancient astronomers able to precisely measure time over thousands of years? What happened to the Mayan civilization? Gilbert and Cotterell, both scientists and writers, unlock the mysteriesof the May a, explore their beliefs, and reveal their accomplishments in this international bestseller--now in paperback. of color plates. Illustrations and charts.

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LibraryThing member tuckerresearch
Some of the conclusions are a bit fishy, but the theory of sun cycles on conception as the foundation of zodiacal astrology is the best portion of the book.
LibraryThing member kuuursten
This is a pretty content-heavy read, which makes it a little slower than most (at least for me). It's filled with all kinds of insights and fun facts, and offers a great deal of history on the Maya and their culture, as well as many theories on everything from Atlantis to astrology to the end of
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the world. An intriguing read with a sort of "take it or leave it" attitude.
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LibraryThing member Tara714
This book was a little difficult to get through. It was very interesting, but a lot of the stuff was way over my head. He talks a lot about the math and physics behind the mayan thinking and he lays it all out step by step, but you have to really think about it and I just didn't have the time or
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energy for it. It is not a book to read over the holidays. I did find it fascinating that there is a lot of speculation that the Americas were vistited many times before Columbus but no one wants mention it because they do not want to disrespect Columbus or something like that. If you have the time to really dig into this book, I fully recommend it. There are a lot of theories and different points of views that will make you think differently about things.
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LibraryThing member kakadoo202
Lots of data. No story



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