Ancient Mines of Kitchi-Gummi

by Roger L Jewell

Paperback, 2000



Call number

E103 .J49


Jewell Histories (2000), Edition: 1st, 164 pages


For the last 500 years, since Columbus "discovered" the New World, controversy has raged. Was he the first? Was there sustained travel and trade between Europe and North America, back at the dawn of America's history, 4500 years ago? How did the peopling of the Americas really happen? In this controversy, the ancient copper mines of Lake Superior (Kitchi-Gummi) have become an undeniable piece of hard evidence. There have been several books written about the tremendous amounts of pure copper that was set free by the glaciers in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and Isle Royal. There is undeniable proof of the mining and gathering of that copper in the distant past. Some researchers have flatly stated that whatever the amount mined, some of it had to have gone elsewhere. There simply seems to be no end (destination) of a copper trade on this continent. Many of you, local history buffs, students of ancient American history, anthropology, archaeology, and Native American studies, may have never heard of the ancient copper mines on Lake Superior. But for those who do know of them, the question was always there. Who dug approximately 5,000 copper mines 4500 years ago on Lake Superior's Isle Royale and adjoining areas? Why did they do it, and where is the copper now? How could 20 to 50 million pounds of copper be removed from this area in such a fashion, that it literally seems to have vanished. Who did the work and where did the copper go? It is significant that in the solving of this ancient puzzle, if Mediterranean area traders were involved, the accepted paradigm of the peopling of America must be changed. This book weighs in on this controversy. It does this in a straight-forward fashion. A simple case study of how these ancient mines came into existence, and the repercussions of the answer. The question of Diffusionism or Parallel Invention must at last be dealt with. This book, is part of your Ancient North American History, a subject that is as yet, in my opinion, not being taught.… (more)



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