Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race

by Michael A. ; Thompson Cremo, Richard L.

Hardcover, 1993



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GN741 .C74



Bhaktivedanta Institute (1993), Edition: 1st, 914 pages


An account of researchers who have found bones & artifacts showing people like ourselves existed on Earth millions of years ago.

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LibraryThing member marc_beherec
This book was written by a lawyer (Cremo) and a mathematician (Thompson) who are both Hare Krishnas. As such, they are intelligent people who know how to write an argument, but they both have preconceived notions they're trying to support and lack the training and impartiality to understand their
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They do cite academic works that seem to throw into question current archaeological models. However, they either don't know or don't care that there are reasons why these academic works have been discredited. A good example is the amino acid racemization dating of some southern California human skeletons. A series of papers by Jeffrey Bada and his colleagues seemed to show that modern humans lived in southern California more than 40,000 years ago. Cremo and Thompson present this at face value. But Bada himself (and I've talked to his wife about this) admits that these dates are wrong. They are calibrated according to poor radiocarbon dates given to him by labs at UCLA. If Cremo and Thompson knew the field or researched better, they would know that this had been discredited. Of course no credible archaeologists write about such things -- why write about what has been refuted for decades?

Other evidence relied upon are things like 19th century semi-scholarly journals which report on artifacts that are now lost. Interesting for the history of science, but not very reliable.

In short, this is a very exciting book, and it does raise questions one might want answered -- but it would be foolish to trust Cremo and Thompson to write the final word.
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LibraryThing member miketroll
The authors’ central theme is simple:

1.Conventional wisdom puts human civilisation at around 5-6,000 years old; before that we all lived in caves.

2.VAST archeological evidence to the contrary is ignored and suppressed by the academic establishment. Man has been around on Earth for aeons!!

The very
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length of this 900-page reference work is instrumental in proving the point: this is not a crank hypothesis; the authors are playing properly by the established rules of scientific investigation in presenting facts in detail, complete with source references. The facts deserve proper consideration by the scientific community.

That understood, for the general reader this book is for enjoyable dipping and browsing. It is also a significant element in the current paradigm shift in our perspective on human history. Increasingly, archeological research takes place on the sea bed. Real lost cities are being found under water, the victims of rising sea levels as the last Ice Age ended.
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LibraryThing member MiaCulpa
Cremo makes some interesting claims about how long modern humans have existed; millions of years rather than hundreds of thousands years as accepted by the majority of scientists.

Cremo has unearthed archaeological evidence that human remains have been found in strata indicating that the remains
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are millions of years old. The reason this evidence is not accepted as fact is that scientists have buried (so to speak) the evidence.

Is Cremo convincing? Hmm, at some times, although I think that mainstream scientists ignore Cremo's evidence because much of it has been well and truly discredited.
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