Ulysses Found (Sutton History Classics)

by Ernle Bradford

Paperback, 2005



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D973 .B75


The History Press (2005), 256 pages


Having settled in Malta after the end of World War 2, Ernle Bradford decided to trace the route of Ulysses. This book is a journal of his travels, describing both the amazing sights and the pitfalls that befell Homer's character.

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LibraryThing member AdocentynLibrary
The author sailed around the Mediterranean, following sailing directions given in Homer's Odyssey. He found sites and interpreted the Odysssey by his travels. This was one of my favorite books when I was a girl.--Anna Korn
LibraryThing member jscape2000
A nice blend of literary exploration and travel writing. This comes across like "Kon-Tiki" for the literary crew. I appreciated the level of scholarship that Bradford put into this work; it would have been easy to dash off a couple hundred pages of reminiscing in the waters of "The Odyssey" but his
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careful reading (and at times criticism of) previous similar works was very engaging.
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