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Lending Library Agreement

Borrowers must be 18+ years of age to check out items from the Lending Library. By Checking Out any item from the Lending Library, the borrower agrees to the following: Use of Equipment – The borrower is responsible for following the policies. As a borrower, you agree to: Use the item(s) checked out and their contents in a careful manner and as intended for academic pursuits and education events, including books and/or manipulatives. Comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and policies applicable to the use of the item(s) and contents. Take all safety precautions while using item(s) to ensure the safety of all involved. Loss and Damage – The borrower will be responsible for any damages or losses. The borrower will assume all responsibility for any damage, loss or theft of the item(s), contents, and accessories checked out by borrower. All costs associated with the loss, theft or damage of items(s) and/or its contents while in borrower’s possession shall be the sole obligation of the borrower. Replacement charges will be based on the cost of supplies and or equipment and consideration of “normal wear and tear,” or the current cost of replacing the entire item – whichever is most appropriate. The borrower bears responsibility to return item(s) and contents in the same condition as originally loaned. Return – The borrower agrees to return the item(s) by 4:00 pm on the due date stated during check out. The borrower understands that failure to return the item(s) at the scheduled return time may result in the loss of future loan privileges as determined by the National STEM Academy. By checking out an item(s), the borrower agrees that he/she has read the National STEM Academy, Museum of Aviation Foundation, ERC Lending Library Agreement and understands and agrees that failure to follow all policies may result in removal of borrowing privileges. *Policies are subject to change.
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