Help! I've Been Adopted

by Brenda McCreight

Other authorsKim Howard (Illustrator)
Paperback, 2010



When a child or youth is placed for adoption, it is a time of joy and excitement and it presents the child with the opportunity to experience what it is like to truly belong to a loving, stable family. However, for many adoptees, the first few months in a new adoptive placement are also a time of confusion and even more change in a lifetime of loss, unpredictability, and unanswered questions. "Help - I've Been Adopted!" will answer many of the questions that new (and long time placed) adoptees have about their lives. This book presents issues such as "Why do birth parents give up or lose their children?", "What is attachment and how does it affect my life?" "How do adoptive parents get matched to a child?" "Who makes all the decisions about a child's life" and more. This book is full of helpful suggestions to promote discussion between the adoptive parents and the child, and it will help social workers and counselors gain a new perspective on how to support the early stages of an adoption placement.


AdoptionEd, LLC (2010), 92 pages


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