Toddler Adoption: The Weaver's Craft Revised Edition

by Mary Hopkins-Best

Paperback, 2012

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Most often, children are joining their permanent, adoptive families past the age of infancy but not yet as "older children." This book covers many aspects of adopting and parenting these young children: the decision whether or not to adopt; preparation and education; forming attachments; behavior management; and more. Until now, few written resources have been available to discuss this special age -- the toddler.



Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2012), Edition: 2, 272 pages

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LibraryThing member autumnesf
Good book on challenges of adopting a toddler. This will make you stop & think. Toddlers are active in their world with no language to contribute - these little ones tend to have a harder time than younger or older. Anyone adopting a toddler really needs to read this.
LibraryThing member hypatia_lea
As we can't in anyway know what our child will be like until after we pick them up, reading this book before you adopt is absolutely essential if you are even so much as "considering" adopting a child aged between 1 and 3!
And, I think both potential adoptive mums and dads should read this,
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especially if only one parent is going to stay home and the other will mainly be at work (and therefore not know through first hand experience exactly what the home-parent is coping with).
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