Power of the Mind, The: Affirmations for Regulation (2 CDs)

by Heather T. Forbes

CD sound recording, 2013




The question for every parent, ultimately becomes, "How do I stay regulated amid dysregulation?" We have the answer! Based on the work of Dr. Art Martin, these affirmations are designed to shift you back into a place of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. These two audio CDs include affirmations such as: Affirmations to Reinstalling Love; Affirmations to Reclaim Personal Power; Affirmations for Regulation; Affirmations to Acknowledge Effective Parenting; Affirmations to Release Anger and Yelling Patterns; Affirmations to Release Reaction to Aggression; and Affirmations to Release Reaction to Lying and Stealing. Musical tracks for relaxation complete this set of CDs. Listen to an affirmation or two - or more - daily and begin to live in a state of regulation. Join Heather T. Forbes, LCSW as she talks you through a powerful and insightful discovery of a new reality.


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