Activity Schedules for Children With Autism: Teaching Independent Behavior (Topics in Autism)

by Lynn E. McClannahan

Paperback, 1999



Activity schedules-simple, yet revolutionary teaching tools-enable children with autism to accomplish activities with greatly reduced adult supervision.
An activity schedule is a set of pictures or words that cues a child to follow a sequence of activities. When activity schedules are mastered, children are more self-directed and purposeful in their home, school, and leisure activities-doing puzzles, interacting with classmates, and preparing food with minimal assistance from adults. In Activity Schedules for Children with Autism, parents and professionals find detailed instructions and examples to help them: assess a child's readiness to use activity schedules; prepare an activity schedule; understand graduated guidance; monitor progress; expand social skills; and progress to written schedules.

Based on a decade of research conducted at the Princeton Child Development Institute, Activity Schedules for Children with Autism offers a proven teaching tool to help children with autism make effective use of unstructured time, handle changes in routine with more ease, and choose among an established set of activities independently. It can be used successfully with young children, adolescents, and adults, rewarding them with more control over their lives.


Woodbine House (1999), Edition: 1, 117 pages


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