Tear Soup; A Recipe for Healing After Loss (DVD)

by Grief Watch (Director)

Other authorsMary McDonald-Lewis (Actor), Enrique E. Andrade (Actor)
DVD, 2014



The Tear Soup video was produced in a documentary style format. All of the original illustrations from the picture book created by Taylor Bills were filmed in digital format. The pictures were then edited together with the voice of Mary McDonald-Lewis as the story teller and then cleverly mixed with an original score of music and all of the sounds that fill Grandy s day to day life. This story is written in the style of a children’s book, and indeed it could be shared with young children, but it appears to be directed at adults as well. Using the extended metaphor of making soup for processing grief, the authors and illustrator offer a wide ranging approach to the process from many possible perspectives.


RamMedia (2014), Edition: Second


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