Recognizing and Managing Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Fetal Alcohol Free: A Guidebook

by Brenda McCreight

Paperback, 1997



For any parent or professional who needs to work with children with fetal alcohol syndrome/effects (FAS/E), this important guide offers practical advice and solid information on dealing with FAS/E's lifelong effects on behavior and learning. It covers the historical, medical, and social aspects of FAS/E, and details common behavioral characteristics associated with the condition. Taking a developmental approach, the guide offers specific behavioral management techniques to be used with children with FAS/E from infancy through late adolesence. The author's own case studies are used to clarify psychological concepts and personize FAS/E for the novice.


CWLA Press (Child Welfare League of America) (1997), Edition: 1, 153 pages


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