Death and Dying: A Resource Guide for End-of-Life Decision Making

by Amelia M.J. Carroll

Pamphlet, 2015



This packet was developed, created, and written by one who has experienced the profound lessons that the dance of life and death have taught me for other who are, will be, or have been waltzing toward the last dance. This book intends to help the reader 1) address the topic of death, thereby opening up previously avoided lines of communication with family and friends; 2) Acquire the tools to place minimal burden on ones' family at the end-of-life; 3) Gain skills and increase one's awareness to help someone live through their suffering; 4) Help prepare for one's self or their loved ones during the final stages of life; 5) Confront the mortality and ultimate disposition of one's body and personalize funeral plans; and 6) Be more motivated to live now, take risks, and accomplish life's goals with a personal statement that reflects life goals, personal values, and vision of immortality.
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