Exploring the Depths of Loss and Grief

by Amelia M.J. Carroll

Pamphlet, 2009



This packet was developed, created, and written by one who has experienced the profound depths of loss and grief across the lifespan for others who are, will be, or have been on their own journey of grief. Through the exercises and information in this workbook, you will explore the many aspects and experiences of loss and grief from various perspectives. The information provided will assist you in identifying the developmental stages of grief across the life-span and develop skills and strategies for healing your own suffering so as to better help those you serve. This exploration leads toward deeper self-awareness, increased attentiveness toward others who are grieving, and greater skillfulness in helping those who are dealing with issues of loss and grief. In this highly interactive workbook, you will walk away with a toolbox of tools and skills for your own personal growth and development as well as that of your children of clients.


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