The First Twelve Months of Life: Your Baby's Growth Month by Month

by Frank Caplan

Paperback, 1995



The bestselling classic more than two million parents have depended on... The First Twelve Months Of Life.

For over twenty years, this invaluable book has been helping parents understand their new babies: from what an infant knows and feels at each stage of development to what he or she needs from a parent to grow and thrive. Now completely updated to include the latest information on everything from breast-feeding versus bottle-feeding to coping with colic and choosing a reliable sitter, The First Twelve Months Of Life is the definitive child-care resource. Featuring:

--monthly grow charts that reveal how your baby's motor, language, mental, and social skills develop

--reassuring answers to the questions most parents ask

--brief overviews of what to expect from your baby each month

--proven techniques for soothing crying babies, solving sleep problems, and dealing with diaper rash, fear of strangers, and teething

--essential information on when to call a doctor and the best schedule for immunizations

-- plus more than 150 fascinating photos

Whether you're a first-time parent or an old hand, you'll find that The First Twelve Months Of Life offers a rewarding glimpse into your baby's world that will only deepen your appreciation of the wondrous strides he or she is about to make.


Bantam (1995), Edition: Reissue, 416 pages


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