FASD & Other Drug Effects; Parenting from a Neurobehavioral Perspective (DVD)

by Robyn Gobbel

Other authorsEileen Devine (Featuring)
DVD, 2019



We know that prenatal exposure to alcohol and other drugs kill cells in the developing brain, affecting myelination and organization of the structure, function, and neurochemistry of the brain. Our experience also tells us that many children who have confirmed or suspected prenatal exposure to alcohol and drugs struggle behaviorally. Why is this, exactly? Additionally, why do the standard, commonly accepted parenting techniques fail when applied to these children? And, most importantly, what can parents and providers do to support these children differently (and more successfully)?
1 hour webinar

This material is also available in digital format! Click here: https://orparc.overdrive.com/media/6034171?cid=1197626



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