Creating Responsive Learning Environments At School & At Home; Featuring Lisa Allen, MA (DVD)

by Robyn Gobbel

DVD, 2019



I once heard schools described as the "final frontier" when it comes to shifting the paradigm for children with complex trauma and toxic in their histories. We've come a long way but there is still SO MUCH TO DO when it comes to supporting our educators so they can support their students - allowing them to thrive.

Join my guest Lisa Allen and me for a conversation about creating responsive learning environments that reduce the chaos and restore the calm when problem-solving challenging behaviors in school-aged children. Lisa will walk us through three examples of how using responsive, trauma-informed practices can positively affect child success in a school or home setting.

Through participation in this webinar you will:

1. Understand the Role & Guiding Principles of a Learning Environment Coordinator

2. Understand the Role of a Peace Room in a Responsive Elementary School

3. Hear examples of child-specific problem-solving and school-wide initiatives to address challenging behaviors in school-aged children.

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