Grief in Adopted Children (DVD)

by Robyn Gobbel

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Adoption always begins with loss. Grief is inherent, although when and how children experience, express, and process their grief varies substantially. When adoptive parents, professionals, therapists and other helpers honor the grief inherent in adoption and understand the complexities of this loss, we open ourselves up to being more fully present for children to process these losses.

Grief can feel uncomfortable, confusing, and overwhelming. It can be hard to see our children hurting or to know how to be open for conversations without projecting our feelings onto them.

This one-hour webinar will cover:

The losses inherent in adoption
Grief related to adoption, specifically ambiguous loss
Understanding why children grieve for abusive and neglectful families
How to support children through intense feelings
How to notice if our own feelings may be triggered or preventing us from being fully present for our children

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