Stopping Sibling Rivalry; An Evening with Heather Forbes (DVD)

by The Beyond Consequences Institute

DVD, 2020



Stopping Sibling Rivalry
If you have more than one child, chances are that you have experienced sibling rivalry in your home. While sibling rivalry is nothing new, the level and intensity of it can be exponentially magnified when one of more of the children in your home has a history of trauma. Trauma undermines a child’s placement in the family system and it compromises a child’s regulatory system. The combination of these can have a devastating effect on the ability of siblings to get along and it easily destroys any sense of peace in a home.

Traditional Methods Do NOT work
Solutions to sibling rivalry given through Internet websites, magazine articles, and books are geared towards helping more of the “typical” family. They do not even comes close to addressing children with traumatic histories who are living from intense histories of abandonment, neglect, and rejection. Such traditional suggestions given in these resources such as consequences, time-outs, and “just letting them work it out” not only do not work but can be harmful for families dealing with sibling rivalry at much more intense levels.

Is Sibling Rivalry in Your Home Beyond Just "Kids Being Kids"?
If you can measure the magnitude of sibling rivalry on the Richter scale in your home, then this webinar is for you! Heather T. Forbes, LCSW will discuss what drives our children to such heightened levels of intensity when interacting with their siblings. She will explain how trauma impacts the child’s emotional security in the family and more importantly, how to successfully address it in your home.

"Billy is ruining our family...give him back!"
When families are created through adoption, fostering, or second marriages, the established children will often become resentful of the new child(ren) coming into the family, especially if they have behavioral issues. In this webinar, Heather will address how to meet the needs of all your children and give solutions to restoring harmony back into your home.

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