Preventing Burnout: Creating Calm Amidst the Chaos Webinar (DVD)

by Jessica Sinarski

DVD, 2020



This is a recording of an ORPARC online training with Jessica Sinarski, LPCMH.
With stress levels at an all-time high, we need quick tools for self-regulation. Take some time to fill your tank with this experiential workshop. Participants will practice over 10 different activities for calming the chaos inside and learn how to incorporate brain-boosting habits into hectic daily life.
1. Identify crucial brain systems with user-friendly language.
2. Recognize emotional and physical signs of dysregulation.
3. Practice 10 activities to increase calm and decrease fight/flight/freeze response.
Perfect for parents and professionals with tools to share with the little ones in your life as well.

This material is also available in digital format! Click here:


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