Loving and Feeding the Child with a History of Trauma Webinar (DVD)

by Robyn Gobbel

DVD, 2020



Food issues (hoarding, over-eating, under-eating, extreme pickiness, etc.) are consistently one of the most common, and one of the most DISTRESSING, challenges facing parents who have children with a history of adoption, trauma, or toxic stress. It seems almost universal…even if the child never experienced any food insecurity or deprivation.

Add in the relationship between feeding, relationship, and attachment…and food and meal times have become one of the most stressful times in a family’s day.

It can feel like a cycle that is impossible to break out of, especially because no matter what we do, our children continue to need to be fed. A LOT! I mean…they seem to expect this three times a day at least :)

Although there is no magic solution that applies to all children and all families, this webinar will:
- Look at feeding difficulties through the lens of the ‘trauma tornado’
- Consider how and why we parents are getting triggered around food issues and how we can soothe ourselves (the number one step, always)
- Look at practical steps to take to decrease stress around food and mealtimes for both parents and children.

This material is also available in digital format! Click here: https://orparc.overdrive.com/media/10453635


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