Lying, Opposition, and Shutting Down: Three Questions to Ask When Facing These Challenging Behaviors Webinar (DVD)

by Robyn Gobbel

DVD, 2021



This is a recording of an ORPARC Webinar with Robyn Gobbel. What if we could solve challenging behaviors by asking ourselves three questions? It really is that simple- though definitely not that easy! Our children’s behaviors are simply what we see on the outside that tell us about what’s happening on the inside. If we want to fix a behavior, we need to fix what’s happening on the inside and stop playing behavior whack-a-mole- maybe one behavior gets fixed but it just pops up somewhere else. This three-hour webinar will teach parents and professionals the three questions to ask when faced with difficult behaviors. Then together we will ask those questions (and answer them!) with three specific behaviors - lying, opposition, and shutting down.

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