The Bear Inside

by Peter Mortola

Other authorsMark Molchan (Illustrator)
Paperback, 2016



We all have a bear inside. Sometimes the bear will act in ways that can hurt others, biting someone at preschool, hitting our sibling, or using vicious words to attack someone on social media. Of course, we want our children to control this aggressive, inner bear. But sometimes, we need our bear to help us. We want our children to be appropriately assertive when confronted by a bully, when they are facing unhelpful peer pressure, or even when they are trying to score a goal in soccer. Clearly, coming to terms with "the bear inside" is important work for any growing child. This book was written to help children, parents, teachers, and counselors to do just that.


19th Avenue Press (2016)


0692804943 / 9780692804940


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