Crow In The Hollow: A New World Fantasy; The Songs of Creation, Book 1

by Brian and Josie Parker

Paperback, 2017



Suqata, last of the Chinequewa and gifted with a voice power, had seen his share of magic and wanted no part of it. Too bad that was not up to him. Even his name, which meant "Watched by the Crow," had marked him as destined for a troubled life. Found wandering in the wilderness, his memories of home and family lost, Suqata must quickly adapt to life as a slave in the Kaelish colonies. All the while, his power to "sing change into the world" grows within him. When he is taken to the isolated town of Orin's Hollow to serve as the personal servant of Captain Graye, the cold and calculating leader of the Black Guard, Suqata must abandon his gift to earn a place in the world of the outlanders. His world changes with the arrival of the new governor and his mysterious daughter from across the sea. Soon events are set into motion that will transform the colonies forever. Ancient powers, otherworldly wolf packs, and forgotten gods play at the strings of destiny. Now Suqata must once again find the power in his own voice to do the impossible. Will the bond between a slave and a noble-born girl be enough to turn the tide, and will Suqata be able to make the required sacrifice to save all he knows? It's a question that only a crow could answer.


CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2017), Edition: 1, 316 pages


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1975714709 / 9781975714703

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316 p.; 9 inches


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