Wisdomkeepers; Meeting with Native American Spiritual Elders

by Steve Wall

Other authorsHarvey Arden (Author)
Paperback, 1991



Rich with magnificent photographs and powerful words, this book takes the reader into the inner thoughts, jokes, healing remedies, and humanity of Native American spiritual elders—otherwise known as the Wisdomkeepers. In their own words elders from the Sioux, Iroquois, Seminole, Ojibwe, Hopi, Ute, Pawnee, and other tribes explain who they are, how they live, and what they believe.

Readers learn of Buffalo Jim, a Seminole who describes the story of creation as if the Everglades were Eden, and Mathew King, a Lakota who warns of punishments for those who would destroy earth. Readers share the innermost thoughts and feelings, the dreams and visions, the laughter, the healing remedies, and the prophecies of the Wisdomkeepers. Above all, the elders offer their humanity, which shines through each page.

They are the Elders, the Old Ones, the Grandfathers and Grandmothers, the fragile repositories of sacred ways and natural wisdom going back millennia, yet never more relevant than today.


Beyond Words Publishing 128 pages


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