Hello, Anger

by Jessica Sinarski

Other authorsMacky Pamintuan (Illustrator)
Paperback, 2022

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What can you do when your feelings get the best of you?

The students at Sunnyvale Elementary carry a lot in their backpacks - including some things you can't see quite so well, like big feelings and confusing emotions.

Today, one fiery red book keeps spilling out and exploding onto everyone: ANGER! It’s time for the kids to use their best detective skills to figure out what's underneath those angry feelings.

Ana feels HURT when her friends don't play fair.

Ben feels EMBARRASSED when he makes a mistake.

Grace feels DIFFERENT when nobody chooses her for their team.

When our feelings get the best of us, we need to do our best with our feelings. Become a backpack detective like Ana, Ben, and Grace!

Stop when I'm furious.
Pause and be curious.
What is underneath the mad?
Am I lonely, stressed, or sad?

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National Center for Youth Issues (2022), 32 pages

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LibraryThing member BibliLakayAyizan
The children of Sunnyvale Elementary carry a lot in their backpacks : big and heavy books representing their thoughts, feelings and emotions. As their day goes on, they all experience anger, triggered by different situations.

Hello, Anger explains what anger is, and how we experience it
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differently. Every young protagonist of the story feels anger during their day : Ana feels hurt when her friends don’t play fair, Ben feels embarrassed when he makes a mistake and Grace feels different when nobody chooses her for their team. I love how Jessica Sinarski selected simple situations that every child may experience at school, making it easier for them to relate to the story.

The author not only explains how to identify the feeling of anger, but also how to deal with it in a healthy way. Each situation experienced by the students of Sunnyvale Elementary is described, explaining every thought and feelings that led to the emotion of anger. Even the teacher, Mrs Miller, shares with her pupils why and when she feels angry, showing to young readers that adults go through that emotion as well.

Using the idea of emotions and feelings being like books, Jessica Sinarski invites every reader to unpack their backpack, taking the time to examine what it contains. I really found that concept interesting and believe it can be the starter of many conversations with children. I love how the author also included tips for caring adults at the end of the book, explaining how to deal the best we can with anger. Macky Pamintuan’s illustrations are really beautiful and represent well the diversity we can find in a classroom.
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LibraryThing member LibrarianRyan
This is an interesting. Much like the Boy’s Town Press the reader is given an issue and a way to deal with it, which is been repeated by example at least three times. However, in this book there is this magic backpack concept with each book in the backpack reflecting a different emotion. I think
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concept is a hard to follow and the story is confusing because of it. The concept is great for an educational setting, but I think in general is does not work very well.
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