The Pawsons Celebrate!: Tales from Edgewood The World's Weirdest Town

by Brian W. Parker

Other authorsJosie A. Parker (Author)
Paperback, 2022



The Pawson's are back! This time our furry pals are celebrating the adoption of Maury Pawson!

The Pawsons are a lovable family of monsters who have just moved to the town of Edgewood. They are a little odd - but what family isn’t? Even though they are big, fuzzy, and a little over the top, they have big hearts and are always excited to share their joy with the people around them. In this follow-up to The Pawsons Move In, we get a chance to see them celebrate all of their favorite holidays, with one very special day coming up on their calendar. It’s their son Maury’s Gotcha’ Day - the celebration of his official adoption! The Parkers have infused this story with their unique experiences as creative weirdos, foster parents, and members of a diverse community, to tell a one of a kind story. It’s filled with the kind of whimsical and joyous chaos that is part of their everyday lives, brought to you in a vibrant illustrations style similar to Ghibli Animation, Tony DiTerlizzi, Maurice Sendak, and Dan Santat.


Independently published (2022), 44 pages


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44 p.; 11 inches


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