Finding Joy: A celebration of small moments (Growing Heart & Minds)

by Gabi Garcia

Other authorsMarta Pineda (Illustrator)
Paper Book, 2022



We can learn a lot about joy from a dog.

At least, that's what Abuela tells Nico when he visits her and her dog, Kiki.

Nico's not so sure.

Kiki doesn't have to deal with schoolwork. Or chores. Or early bedtimes!

But after spending an afternoon at Abuela's house, Nico accepts her challenge to be more like Kiki.

Nico soon finds that Kiki may be on to something after all as he discovers the power of paying attention to small moments.

Our brains are wired to focus on negative things. They're excellent at noticing what's not going well.
Finding Joy reminds us to pause and practice looking for the good in everyday moments we often overlook. It's a wonderful addition to your home or school social-emotional library.


Skinned Knee Publishing (2022)



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