And Then There Were Four

by Emma Sutton

Paperback, 2017



Newly-wed, Andy and Emma threw caution and condoms to the wind, ready to welcome their magic baby. You know, the one who rocks up the first time you have unprotected sex, carried by the optimism stork? They were excited and waited patiently. Then impatiently. Then somewhat forlornly. They tried pillows and pee sticks, doctors and dowsing, before finally arriving in the Land of Adoption. After years as a couple, Andy and Emma found themselves with two toddlers practically overnight. And they had to pedal faster than Bradley Wiggins to catch up. And Then There Were Four is an unforgettable, unputdownable roller coaster through the hilarious highs and pass-the-gin-now-the-tissues lows of infertility, adoption, and parenting.


Red 500 Ltd (2017), Edition: 1, 326 pages


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099558222X / 9780995582224

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326 p.; 8.5 inches


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