Crazy Horse's Vision

by National Geographic Learning

Paperback, 2010



The narrative of this story focuses on events from the early life of Crazy Horse, the daring and dedicated leader of the Lakota (Sioux) in the mid-1800s. As a young boy, Crazy Horse was nicknamed Curly, because of his curly hair. Even as a child Curly was a leader among his peers , and he exhorted the other boys to be brave so “we can help our people.” After witnessing a bloody attack by white soldiers on the Lakota, Curly ignored tradition and went on his own to the hills to seek a vision which would provide him with guidance to defend his people. A few years later, after Curly had grown into a wise and serious young man, his father explained Curly’s vision to him and gave his son a new name—Tashunka Witco. In English this name meant Crazy Horse, the name by which we still know this famous Native American leader who fought to defend his people.

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National Geographic School Pub (2010), Edition: 1, 40 pages


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