Clear Moon Tribe

by Jaiya John

Paperback, 2015



Twelve brave 18-year-olds encamp on a mystical island in the presence of a mysterious shape shifter. These children of many tribes - African, Maori, Samoan, Native American, Latino, and Aboriginal - have come to enjoy the paradise, with its ocean shores, towering dunes and mountains, spectacular waterfall, and crystal clear lagoon. The island has other ideas. As human souls encounter island spirit, lives that have been touched by family disruption, homelessness, delinquency, and trauma face a reckoning. An ancient scroll forebodes a great danger: If they do not face their pain and fears in this surreal land, they invite their own demise. Through adventure, calamity, conflict, passion, and friendship, a tribe is born. The true purpose for their challenging childhood journeys is revealed in ways that will transform their lives forever. Clear Moon Tribe is a coming of age revelation. A richly crafted healing story, bathed in cultural myths, fables, and legends. Its words are the smoke of incense, drum, and ceremony, and will tattoo your heart hilariously, poignantly, unforgettably. Come, fall deliriously into a new tribal language. It all began that summer, on an island, beneath a provocative clear moon.

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Soul Water Rising (2015), 296 pages


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