Your Caring Heart: Renewal for Helping Professionals and Systems

by Jaiya John

Paperback, 2016



"Your Caring Heart" is Dr. Jaiya John's warm companion for your compassionate servitude. In gentle clarity, lightness, and humor, Jaiya's soothing reflections flow straight into the tender truth of your caring nature and calling. Discover the promise of "mutual care," harvesting story, and compassionate leadership for transforming you and your work tribe into your optimal giftedness for serving lives. These are words you will keep close, drinking from them for your renewal. Reinvigorate your wellspring of devotion. Heal your tenderness. Supercharge your system, and bless the ones you serve. Welcome, you Lovers, leaders, activists, agitators... You soul suns, deep drums, healers, hope dealers, sacred dancers. Here is a spa day for your inner peace, "birthprint" for your revival, as you give yourself to the ones who dearly need your healing touch. TOPICS: Personal and professional renewal. System rehabilitation and culture change. Mutual care and group harmony. Supercharge your practice models. Compassion fatigue and burnout. Nurture trauma and conflict. Wellness and deep caring. Empower staff and leadership. Tribal time and tribe building. Rekindle passion and purpose. Break generational cycles. Humanize workers, leaders, and community. Cure social illness inside your system. Honor cultures and communities. Compassionate leadership. Compassion and kindness. Use story to strengthen your tribe. Harness the psychology of change. Overcome fear and tame stress. The power of celebration. Healing and wholeness. Tap your superpowers. And so much more...

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Soul Water Rising (2016), 200 pages


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