Essential FASD Supports Training (Video)

by Nate Sheets

Digital video recording, 10/16/2023



This is available as an online video through the ORPARC Digital Library -
(For an Overdrive account, contact ORPARC for login code - [email protected] or 800-496-BOOK (2665).)

To watch video, borrow ebook and open .pdf document (using the Overdrive link). PDF document contains link to video and subsequent handouts.

This is a recording from the 2023 Shoulder to Shoulder Conference. People with FASDs Can Be Successful—with Support! The question is, how do we support them? That’s where Essential FASD Supports comes in! This presentation offers a reinterpretation of “challenging behaviors” and other common struggles that people with FASDs experience while living in a world that does not understand them. It helps parents and professionals think about practical supports for everyday life and long-term progress. This presentation provides a proactive framework to support people with FASDs so they can use their strengths to make progress and thrive. It will benefit parents, caregivers, foster providers, therapists, teachers, and anyone else who supports someone with an FASD.


2023 Shoulder to Shoulder Conference
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