Innerwork— Outer Development: An Awareness Training Program for Business Organizations (manuscript)

by Miguel Ángel Vázquez del Mercado Martínez

Manuscript, 2011



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I begin by describing basic aspects of the Process Work paradigm, such as: process structure (primary and secondary process, the edge), dreambody, dreaming process, levels of reality. Then I talk about Process Work theory and how it relates to innerwork, and I explore the relationship between process-oriented innerwork and Vipassana meditation; how one benefits from the other, explore similarities and differences, and possible synergies. I also talk about my perspective and experience with organizations and the importance of innerwork and meditation for developing awareness and fluidity within them. In the final chapter I talk about the structure of the Awareness Training Program that I developed and applied in a series of workshops for the managers of an organization, and how it was framed for mainstream business organizations keeping in mind the process structure and roles present. I share the feedback that I got from the participants of the program, and my own reflections as a facilitator, as well as how I plan to integrate them and describe the next steps I am planning for this training program.


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