The Individual as a Channel of Group Process: Case studies in Group Process Work

by Claire Nance

Manuscript, 1991



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A thesis presented to Antioch University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master of Arts degree, Seattle Washington, 1991

Local notes

This thesis will focus on the following goals:
1) Discovering when an individual represents some significant aspect of a group's behavior 2) analyzing what events and behaviors indicate that an individual is a vehicle for a group's process; 3) exploring various interventions that could be useful for group leaders when an individual represents information that is meaningful for the whole group.

I will engage in a descriptive analysis of group process work as formulated by Dr. Arnold Mindell (1989) and various theories that support the components of group process work. This will include a brief history of group therapy as it has the concepts of field theory, general systems theory, hologram theory, planetary enfoldment and global theory.

Throughout the thesis I will use case material where individuals reflected the process of the group as a whole and describe changes that occurred in the group as a result of an awareness of that process. Emphasis will be placed on specific interventions that were made to help facilitate group awareness and how the tools of the group process work were brought into play.


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