Energy Shifting: Tuning to the Energy of Not Me

by Daiki Hayashi

Manuscript, April 2018



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In a session or innerwork, a processworker facilitates her or his own or a client’s awareness process, the results of which are often experienced as a shift in energy. Over time, a client’s “me” energy shifts to include what was their “not me” energy, and an increasing sense of wholeness may grow and develop. There are many methods that processwork uses (e.g., bodywork, relationship work, worldwork, processmind, vector walk, earthspots, and others under the umbrella of 2nd training). There are also several roots of processwork (e.g., Taoism, shamanism, Jungian psychology, quantum physics, and others) to draw upon.
Simply, I see my contribution to processwork as drawing from my studies in shamanism and immersion in ceremony (e.g., Sundancer) to deepen and enhance the practice of shapeshifting in service of the process of awareness. Processwork and shamanism utilize shifts of energy in different ways and on various levels that may be experienced both in dreaming and in consensus reality. Both offer essential support for our daily life in validating that there are other worlds beyond the tangibility of the consensus reality weigh, count, and measure model. This project shows how a processworker uses the skill of shape-shifting in order to help a client or themselves to integrate a secondary process, an X energy, and universal energy. Examples drawn from my own innerwork clarify and illustrate each of these aspects. Drawing from my experience as Sundancer, this project also draws upon a traditional way of shifting energy in ceremony as another way to connect with nature and god energy or processmind. Exploring how these traditions intersect is my ongoing practice.


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