Dreams as Wisdom Advisers and Powerful Allies: WorkingWith Dreams Using Processwork Methods to Achieve Creative Flow

by Dino Ostrovsky

Manuscript, 2019



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This diploma paper demonstrates Processwork philosophy and methods to work with dreams. It shows how dreamwork can be useful for cultivating creativity, developing a creative approach to life, and building a creative career. By describing my personal experiences and sessions with my clients, I show how dreaming can help modern people on their search for life purpose, building successful careers, and balanced relationships. The goal of this paper is to introduce Processwork ideas, basic terms, and methods to TERRApia school students and to the general public who may be interested in the coaching methods of Processwork and TERRApia school. In this paper, I use knowledge acquired during myMaster of Processwork study, my experience of leading groups in TERRApia school, and my experience with other methods of personal transformation. I describe why these methods of developing emotional intelligence, adaptability, and creativity are so important in the present time and why Processwork is a great modality for this task. Further, I demonstrate how working with dreams using Processwork methods can help to develop neuroplasticity and ability to respond to the rapid changes of the times we now live in. I believe that when things are changing so rapidly, it is very important for each individual to master the ability to adapt new behaviors, opinions, and ideas into their life, not to just feel, but to embody the energy of change. Only then, instead of suffering, these changes can bring us creative energy, drive, and even pleasure.
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