Warriors: Fire and Ice: Book #2

by Erin Hunter

Paperback, 2004



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PB Hun

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PB Hun

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PB Hun




HarperCollins (2004), Edition: Reprint, Paperback, 336 pages


Fireheart, a full-fledged warrior cat, must confront questions of loyalty and identity as he faces the possibility of betrayal from within his own forest clan.


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336 p.; 3 x 2.02 inches

User reviews

LibraryThing member george.d.ross
An entertaining look at what feral cats might do on their own time, but in no way as richly imagined, complete, or well-written as Watership Down.
LibraryThing member Muv1
As a warrior it's their job to protect the clan. Will Firepaw be able to? An adventurous story of Firepaw's life as a warrior. Love It!!!
LibraryThing member mr17
very good book if your like cats, and like adventure.
LibraryThing member kimmiesh123
A newly awarded warrior (Fireheart) and his friend(Graystripe) are chosen to find the missing Windclan that Shadowclan drove out with their old cruel leader Brokenstar.Once, found weak in a tunnel by a highway(thunderpath)they return home,and Fireheart and Graystripe return home with new
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friends.Knowing weak other clans plan to attack Windclan.I highly recommend this book to any cat lover.
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LibraryThing member Nbrowne
Fireheart and Graystripe have just become new warriors .
Fireheart and Graystripe are then given their first mission! they had to bring the droven out of their teritory clan... the wind clan! after their mission they have been given their own young aprentices!
LibraryThing member jians
Firepaw now Fireheart is a brave and loyal warrior, but there is something far beyond loyalty that is dangerous for all clans: Tigerclaw. A huge black tom hoping to become leader of ThunderClan. He threats to kill every cat that interrupts his path, even the leader! Can Fireheart alone get rid of
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LibraryThing member ywoo
Firepaw became a warrior named Fireheart. But there is something that is not good. Tigerclaw the leader's deputy wants to be the leader of the Thunderclan.Because he wants to be the leader, he threats to kill everything if there is something interrupts him. Even the warrior that is in his clan and
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the leader!!!
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LibraryThing member firhetrick
Isn't it cool that in Warriors - Book #2, Fire and Ice, cats can talk? That's what they think!! And they call us two-legs, not humans! So, in this book, betrayal happens everywhere. A cat names Fireheart learns that he can't trust some of his friends. Recommended for fantasy fanatics ages 9 and up.
LibraryThing member kenzie12368
Fire and Ice is awesome just like Into the Wild. It is full of adventure taken on by warrior cats! The book is amazing and is loaded with execitment in every chapter.
LibraryThing member TnTexas
A little bit of (in my opinion) needless meandering in the middle but overall a well-paced, fun-to-read book. My kids and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
LibraryThing member JuliaW.G3
Tigerclaw is hiding something... something that could destroy everything.
Brokenstar had driven out WindClan from their own territory and made sure they were far away and wouldn't come back. on the way to the gathering Fireheart tried to tell Bluestar that Ravenpaw saw Tigerclaw killed Redtail and
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wanted to kill Ravenpaw, but she didn't believe him and got angry . At the first gathering Fireheart had as a warrior, all the clans were there but WindClan. Everyone was curious until Brokenstar said his clan drove them out because ShadowClan "needed" more hunting ground. Fireheart went hunting one day and caught a familiar sent, he found out that it was his sister Princess. He told his life and she gave him her strongest kit, Cloudkit. Fireheart took in a apprentice named Cinderpaw, she was very hyper and didn't listen much. Fireheart asked Bluestar if he could go bring back WindClan, and get their territory back, but Bluestar said she needed him here now that leaf-fall way coming. But Fireheart & Graystripe left anyway and set off toward the carrion place by sent. Fireheart found them and convinced Tallstar to bring his clan back to get what was rightfully theirs. On the way back some cats got injured by the rats and some didn't make it back. when they got back Fireheart got ThunderClan to help fight with WindClan to get what was theirs. They won and everything was almost right, Brokenstar still needed to be dealt with later.

This book was my favorite out of the 6 because in my opinion it was all actions and secrets that could end a cat or clan's life. Another reason was when Fireheart went behind Bluestar's back to help a rival clan. Fireheart had to prove so much to the ThunderClan cats that he can be loyal to his clan and follow the Warrior Code. But yet he broke 2, almost lost his clan's trust, and his life. I also like this specific one because was trying to tell cats about Tigerclaw but they never listened because of his kittypet (house cat) past but he never gave up.
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LibraryThing member thesmellofbooks
When an eleven year old sighs for months saying he wishes you could read this book, you read this book. Right, Jules?
LibraryThing member mzellh1
I enjoyed this book for many reasons. The plot continues from the previous book and is entertaining. The writing captures and holds the reader's attention. The characters continue to be well-developed and appealing. Overall, the big idea could be that sometimes we have to look within ourselves for
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the truth.
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LibraryThing member BrynDahlquis
Man this book had me almost in tears. Okay, okay, so I'd had a rough week. But I was trying to escape awful reality, and then this book had just as much sadness and complexity and it just touched me, okay?

Oh Fireheart. Oh Graystripe. Oh Cloudkit. Oh Warriors series. I've now read this book six
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times, and that speaks for itself.
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LibraryThing member Sheila1957
Book 2 of the Warriors series finds Fireheart in trouble and torn between the Clan world and his kittypet world. Wind Clan has been displaced from their territory and Fireheart and Graystripe are sent to find them and bring them back. Fights occur and Fireheart is caught between loyalty to the Clan
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and friendship.

I enjoyed this book. World building is still going on and surprises pop up when least expected. I like how the cats form their society and let their feelings show towards those who do wrong. I also like that they form alliances. When Fireheart brings back a newborn kittypet to the pack, he does it for himself although there will be advantages to the Clan. I also like this kitten, Cloudkit. He is independent, much like children who break the rules but the parents are proud of them because they did something good. I could feel that emotion in Fireheart and Bluestar but also their frustration with him.

I look forward to finding out if my suspicions about a traitor are true as I continue this series.
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LibraryThing member chuff
Some STRIKINGLY brutal emotional scenes involving lifelong injuries... Not suitable for small kids. I cringed as an adult at the treatment in this book of wounds & how they change people's lives, & the guilt on other parties for allowing them to happen... A well-written book, tons of conflict in
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this one. Most of it internal.
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