Abe Lincoln's Hat (Step into Reading)

by Martha Brenner

Other authorsDonald Cook
Hardcover, 1994



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921 Lin (c.1)





Random House Books for Young Readers (1994), Paperback, 48 pages


Biography & Autobiography. History. Juvenile Nonfiction. Geography. HTML:How do you remember things? President Abraham Lincoln used a special trick â?? he placed reminders under his top hat! Read all about it and more in this leveled reader perfect for President's Day and for anyone looking to discover fun facts about one of our nation's greatest presidents! This Step 3 History Reader shares some fascinating anecdotes about Abraham Lincoln, one of our greatest presidents. Abe started out in life as an absent-minded frontier lawyer. How did he nudge his memory? He stuck letters, court notes, contracts, and even his checkbook in his trademark top hat. When he took off his hat, it was all there! Young readers will be utterly engaged with how Abe's humanity comes across in this accessible, easy-to-read book. Step 3 Readers feature engaging characters in easy-to-follow plots about popular topics. These books are for children who are ready to read on their o… (more)


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48 p.; 9.12 inches

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LibraryThing member jadepumpsthejams
Abe Lincoln's Hat tells the true story about Abe Lincoln's organizational technique of putting his papers in his hat. This book is appealing because through the story of Lincoln, the message is given that even though he was not a good “paper keeper,” his values and drive to make a difference in
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the lives of people in his small community and then in the country were so strong that he was able to make a huge impact. The message to children, is that they should own their weaknesses and turn them into strengths, or as least an endearing characteristic.
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LibraryThing member kp119190
Abe Lincoln’s Hat is historical fiction book that talks about President Abraham Lincoln and the importance of his hat. In the book it tells how Abe was a lawyer and every always remembered the tall man with his hat. Abe always helped the people with their problems. There was one problem though he
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forgets where his important papers were at though. So he got a bright idea he stuck the important papers in his hat. Abraham Lincoln ran for the U.S. Senate he did not win though. Abe wanted to end slavery. The book also tells of how even after he won presidency he put important papers in his hat.

I loved this book when I was younger. I thought that it was so funny that The President kept papers in his hat.

This book could be used a lesson about Presidents among forgetting things and finding ways to deal with it.
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LibraryThing member csweat
This was a true story of Abe Lincoln and his hat. He was not organized and always forgot where he put important letters. He decided that he would put them in his tall hat because he never lost his hat. One day, a strong wind took his hat. He had to chase it and pick up all of his papers that were
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in his hat. He became a really good lawyer. He fought against slavery. That is the reason he ran for president in 1860.

Abe Lincoln has always been one of my favorite presidents. I really admired him standing up against slavery. I think the students would enjoy a true story about Abe Lincoln and his hat that you won't read about in history books.
In the classroom, I would get some black construction paper or even craft foam. We would then make our own tall hats to wear around the classroom. I would then have them write a letter to their mother(or someone special-grandma) and tuck it inside of their hat for safe keeping til they get home and deliver it.
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LibraryThing member ktinney2315937
This book tells all about Abe Lincoln and his life, but it mainly focuses on the fact that he used his hat for everything. He could never remember to write people back, so he would put the letters in his hat so when he took it off he would see it.
LibraryThing member smorales
This is fun book about Abraham Lincoln. All the events in the book are true but they are told like a story and make it more exciting for children. Great to pair with another book about Lincoln to read during a unit on presidents, or Lincoln specifically.
LibraryThing member edeidrich
This quirky yet true explanation of why Abe Lincoln wore such a sizeable top hat uses this lighthearted approach to introduce young readers to the legacy of America's 16th President. Set primarily during his days as an Illinois lawyer, the book
LibraryThing member tonyalwickware
Summary: Abe Lincoln's Hat is a great Historical Fiction that tells of the rise of Abe Lincoln to President. The tale begins as the young president starting with his law career and through the time and proceedings he feels he can do more good for all as President, and the rest is history.

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Reaction: Good book to show the rise of one of our nations Presidents. Abe Lincoln's Hat also sheds some light on the times, travel, and judicial practices that went on in his day. I was not aware of the note keeping in the hat, that's pretty good.

Teaching Extensions:
1) Abe Lincoln's Hat could be used as a history lesson to learn how slavery came to be abolished.
2) Abe Lincoln's Hat could be used as a history lesson over presidents and elections.
3) Abe Lincoln's Hat could be used as a lesson over the start of the Civil War.
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LibraryThing member AshlynK

This story tells about how Abe Lincoln first got his start in the world. Abe was a poor lawyer but he was determined to be a great one. The only problem was that Abe was really forgetful. One day he decided to keep everything important in his had because he would never forget about it
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there. Abe was easy going, funny, and fought for what he believed was right. He eventually was elected president and abolished slavery. Abe was a good man that everyone liked.

Personal Response:

I liked this story, it gave great historical background in a way that any kid could understand it. This would be a great book for kids to read!

Classroom Extension:

1. Make an Abe Lincoln hat out of cardstock or construction paper and then write a letter and tuck it away in the hat.
2. Have a "trial" and each kid can have a different part in the trial. (ex. judge, lawyer, defendant, jury, etc.)
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LibraryThing member SKugle
This book is a historical story about Abraham Lincoln and his journey to becoming president. The images in this book take up most of the page but this helps the students understand the plot and difficult words that they may come across. The book also used a larger print which helps the beginning
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readers follow along as they read the page. This story could be familiar to some children based on what they have been learning which also makes this a great book for them to read because the familiar story will help them understand the words.
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LibraryThing member AdrienneWood
This tells the story of how Lincoln was a lawyer and how gradually became president. On a more personal note, it adds that he was funny and kind spirited and kept his important papers in his hat.
This was a cute biography, but I felt it didn't really flow.
LibraryThing member emilyann93
this book is about how young Abe Lincoln became president and how the hat started it all for him. all of the stories in the book are based on true events. The hat was the most important thing that Abe owned because it made him remember the letters that he had to write back to his customers. he
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would stick them in the hat, and when we took the hat off, he would remember.
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LibraryThing member brittanyblakesley
Summary- This book is about Abe Lincoln and his journey in becoming the President of the United States. It tells of different stories about how Mr. Lincoln kept important papers in his top hat and also everything that he has been through with his top hat.

Personal Reaction- I thought this was a
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very cute book and that it portrayed Abe Lincoln very well. I also thought that it was very informative especially for children who may not know all of Abe Lincoln's qualities as a person.

Classroom extension ideas-
1) Construct a craft so that kids can make and wear a top hat.
2) All write a submission about Abe Lincoln.
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LibraryThing member aehunter
Abe Lincoln's Hat tells the story of his rise to presidency, and of course his famous attire. The book begins with Abe Lincoln buying his hat and goes on to explain how he uses it. Lincoln begins to use his hat to hold letters from people, and from these letters helps people in court. He begins his
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rise to fame through these court battles, and his stance on slavery. In the end we see Lincoln get elected president. This book shows a presidents rise to fame and incorporates a bit of humor through his attire.

Teaching Ideas: Abe Lincoln, How to be elected president, Slavery
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LibraryThing member krausch
I believe this was a good book because it was very kid friendly. If this book was read to children, I think that they would understand everything that Abe Lincoln did before he was president. It is strange to know that one of the best presidents started out as a lawyer and worked his way up to
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LibraryThing member jerryrichardson
Summary: A biography about Abe Lincoln from when he was a lawyer to when he became President. The story told why he kept notes in his hat, and that he helped a lot of people when he was lawyer.

Personal Reflection: A simple story that told a lot about President Lincoln. I didn't know that he grew
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his beard because someone said it would make look more distinguished as president.

Classroom Extension:
1. Teach memory making ideas, have each student come up with a way that would remind them of something.

2. In History class, to learn quirky facts about famous people.
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LibraryThing member wichitafriendsschool
Illus. in full color. Abraham Lincoln, one of our greatest presidents, started out in life as an absent-minded frontier lawyer. How did he nudge his memory? He stuck letters, court notes, contracts, and even his checkbook in his trademark top hat. When he took off his hat, it was all there!
LibraryThing member CarrieDann
This book is very informational about Abe Lincoln. An early look at his career as a lawyer. He told jokes and stories while in court, He helped others when they asked him or wrote him.

Personal Reaction:
I found this book very interesting. I love the personal side of his important papers that
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were kept in his hat.

Classroom Extension:
1. I would have the students make a hat and write a letter to a family member.
2. I would have a mock trial in the classroom to show how the judicial system works
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