Charlie y la fabrica de chocolate (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) (Alfaguara) (Spanish Edition)

by Roald Dahl

Paperback, 2005



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Alfaguara Infantil / Juvenil (2005), Paperback, 200 pages


Each of five children lucky enough to discover an entry ticket into Mr. Willy Wonka's mysterious chocolate factory takes advantage of the situation in his own way.



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200 p.; 7.5 inches

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LibraryThing member jyasinchuk
Perhaps Dahl's most famous of all his works, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is an extremely sweet read! From the vivid and imaginative descriptions of characters and place (esp. the factory), Dahl weaves fantasy with a message about growing up, being grown up, and intertwining the two with
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Willy Wonka as the ringmaster. It was nearly thirty years between the first and most recent time that I read this engaging tale--far too long, for sure!
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LibraryThing member ctpress
“Mr. Wonka: "Don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he wanted."
Charlie Bucket: "What happened?"
Mr. Wonka: "He lived happily ever after.”

Charlie Bucket is a poor boy who’s yearly highlight is his birthday when his present is one bar of chocolate. He loves chocolate
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so of course his thrilled when he wins a tour with four other kids to Willy Wonkas famous chocolate factory.

This story begins very promising but once they enter the factory the whole story becomes quite repetitive as a parable - the naughty children vs the sweet, kind Charlie Bucket - he is the last boy standing and wins it all.

But what an imagination and fantastic chocolate world that Dahl have invented. Willy Wonka is absolutely wonderful.

It was my first Roald Dahl book and I’m looking forward to more.
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LibraryThing member MeditationesMartini
Totally fun and fanciful, with appropriately differentiated and yet weirdly parallel or counterbalanced characters with their distinct fates etc. (appropriate in kids' books), and yes it's good that the poor boy is kind and the other kids are sh*tb*gs, but I have to admit to being surprised on
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revisit how mean-spirited this was, and on a lesser scale how everyone seemed to think chocolate is food.
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LibraryThing member es135
Roald Dahl was an expert at combining fantastic worlds and creatures with universal human stories. Charlie is a poor boy who's family does the best they can to provide. When he stumbles upon a golden ticket to visit the famed chocolate factory of the reclusive Willy Wonka, he is transported to a
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world every child dreams of. Dahl provides a story of self discover in this fantastic world.
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LibraryThing member Schmerguls
This book appears on some best books lists and so I read it. It tells of many impossible things happening when Charlie wins the right to visit a chocolate factory. I can envisage reading it to small kids and I suppose they might like it. I suppose if I was 6 I might think it fun to read, but it was
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only a drag for me.
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LibraryThing member StoryB
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the first book we read in senior primary school.
I remember fondly the first few chapters - all the grandparents sleeping in the same bed, Charlie's love for his humble family, appreciation for a chocolate bar, the other winning children...
I did re-read the
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book as an adult and enjoyed it just as much.
Roald Dahl's books are fabulous, incredibly fun and ingenious. I love both the quirky bits and the passages of wisdom - all done up in a big, bold gift of magnificent storytelling.
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LibraryThing member kscarlett01
This is a book about a young boy named Charlie. Charlie's family is very poor and even though Charlie loves chocolate, he is only allowed to eat very little of it due to their financial situation. Charlie's grandfather finds out about Willy Wonka putting out five golden tickets for children to come
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and tour the chocolate factory. Charlie wins one of the tickets and him and his grandfather, along with four other children and their caregivers get the chance to explore Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Mysterious acts happen once the two embark on their tour. This is a great imaginative book for children.
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LibraryThing member TakeItOrLeaveIt
MR Dahl - one talented wierdo. the guy was out there. I remember reading this in second grade for the first time and thinking: wow, a movie that is actually better than the book. its the only Roald Dahl i feel this way about of course and i'm speaking of the Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka version of
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course, i'm old people.
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LibraryThing member susanbevans
In Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, all manner of disasters happen to a group of the most obnoxious children you've ever met. This classic of children's literature is full of magic and the kind wonderfully imaginative storytelling that makes for a great tale.

From the
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scrumdiddlyumptious candy factory, to the magical Oompa Loompas, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is an enchanting thrill ride that makes me wish I was a kid again.
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LibraryThing member loeb001
This book about five children who are lucky and get to tour the chocolate factory of Willie Wonka. The five children include: Augustus, Veruca, Violet, Mike, and Charlie. Charlie is the only boy out of the five who is not stingy and exhibits honesty. The book focuses on Charlie who is from a
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destitute family and lives with his mom, dad, and both sets of grandparents. Willie Wonka's chocolate factory has been closed for years to the public; however it is still running and making chocolate. Wonka is finally opening his doors to five lucky children accompanied by a guardian to tour the factory if they find a golden ticket. As the children tour the factory each of the four bad children end up stumbling into trouble when they do something Wonka has specifically asked them not to do. Charlie was the only boy to not do anything bad and Wonka announces to him that he has won the chocolate factory.
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LibraryThing member dgadkins88
Great for kids to read! Charlie Bucket loves chocolate and Mr. Willy Wonka, the most wondrous inventor in the world, is opening the gates of his amazing chocolate factory to five lucky children. It’s the prize for a lifetime! Gobstoppers, wriggle sweets and a river of melted chocolate delight
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await. Charlie needs just one Golden Ticket and these delicious treats could all be his.
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LibraryThing member flouncyninja
I'm catching up on classic kid fic I never read as a kid. This one was just as familiar as I thought it would be, having read James and the Giant Peach a million times as a kid and seeing both movies multiple times. The long(er) build up to the time the kids actually entered the factory made for
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interesting pacing with the rush through the factory. The oompa-loompas' songs were just as creepy as I would expect. I quite enjoyed it and look forward to reading it with my nephew in a few years.
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LibraryThing member bragan
A kids' classic that holds up remarkably well when re-read at the age of 42. It's true, Mr. Wonka should probably be investigated by several federal agencies devoted to hiring practices, industrial safety, and food safety, but that doesn't stop him from being wonderfully ridiculous or ridiculously
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wonderful. Besides, who doesn't enjoy watching a spoiled brat get pushed into a garbage chute by trained squirrels? Fun stuff, and not just because it makes me nostalgic for my childhood.
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LibraryThing member nm.fall07.a.lopez
This poor kid always on the way to school takes a look at the empty chocolate factory. At home he is too poor to afford a nice house. Four of his grandparents live with him and his parents. His grandparents are all in this one bed together. Then the chocolate factory decides to open it and allow
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ten kids and their parents in. many kids buy and buy these candies to win a golden ticket. When there is one left a guy in South America wins it. Later on the news said they found that it was fake. So Charlie is too poor to afford these candies. One day coming from school he finds something on the ground, it is a dollar! He runs to the store and buys two candy bars and he opens the first one. Then the second one, he finds The Golden Ticket!
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LibraryThing member aerae95
I think this book was really interesthing. this book make people want to learn more and many detail about the characters .
LibraryThing member juliana63012
Charlie is a young boy whose family is poor and could not afford much. There is a contest to see who would be the 5 lucky winners to get to go in the chocolate factory. Charlie gets the last winning ticket, and gets the chance of a lifetime that will change him forever.

Personal Reaction:
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My nephew who is 6 years old was having a contest at school, and he didn't think he could win. He thought someone who was more popular than him would win. This book immediately came to mind. I told him about this story, and then his mind completely changed of how he felt about the contest. He did not win but he had a better attitude about the whole situation. This book teaches children that anything is possible and to never give up.

Classroom Extension Ideas:
In class after reading and discussing the story, It would be fun to have the children create their own candy and share with class what they created.
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LibraryThing member HippieLunatic
This is a fun story of the reward that a well-deserving child receives for good behavior. I enjoyed reading it to my youngest, though I do have to admit that the Oompa-Loompas' songs may have been a bit shorter than they were on the page.
LibraryThing member dreamless
Willy Wonka is a short, impish man with a goatee! Its judgemental vindictiveness delighted and amused me as a small child--all the selfish, obnoxious kids get put in their place, hooray!--but it's the various wonders of the factory (square candies that look round!) that keep me remembering it
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LibraryThing member carpe_diem1991
Charlie Bucket, a poor kid, unexpectedly finds a Golden Ticket to spend a whole day at the magical Wonka Chocolate Factory, along with other four nasty children.
LibraryThing member stipe168
willy wonka is supposed to have a goatee.. why is it always excluded in the movies??? geeeeee..z
LibraryThing member Hera
This book is pure gold: lots of chocolate AND bad endings for despicable children. Love it.
LibraryThing member Nikkles
A classic children's book and rightly so. Roald Dahl is one of the great authors for children, which is obvious since his books are still fun, funny, and interesting for adults. The story is simple and sweet (that is not suppose to be a pun). The writing never talks down to children without being
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above their heads. You need to get this or any Roald Dahl book for any child you really care about (if they have a sense of humor or need to learn what it is to have one) or if you missed this classic as a child don't wait any longer and read it.
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LibraryThing member LeHack
the book was much better than the original movie. The Johnny Depp movie was closer to the book. Greed, gluttony, sloth and what happens to the children guilty of these sins as they take a tour through Willie Wonka's chocolate factory after winning a Golden Ticket. A
LibraryThing member hclements
For the first time in a decade, Willy Wonka, the reclusive and eccentric chocolate maker, is opening his doors to the public--well, five members of the public to be exact. The lucky five who find a Golden Ticket in their Wonka chocolate bars will receive a private tour of the factory, given by Mr.
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Wonka himself. For young Charlie Bucket, this a dream come true. And, when he finds a dollar bill in the street, he can't help but buy two Wonka's Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delights--even though his impoverished family could certainly use the extra dollar for food. But as Charlie unwraps the second chocolate bar, he sees the glimmer of gold just under the wrapper! The very next day, Charlie, along with his unworthy fellow winners Mike Teavee, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, and Augustus Gloop, steps through the factory gates to discover whether or not the rumors surrounding the Chocolate Factory and its mysterious owner are true. What they find is that the gossip can't compare to the extraordinary truth, and for Charlie, life will never be the same again. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, another unforgettable masterpiece from the legendary Roald Dahl, never fails to delight, thrill, and utterly captivate. (Ages 9 to 12) --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
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LibraryThing member cars27
a really good book ,i loved it so much,
you sould read it your self,

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