Fiesta Femenina (Spanish Edition)

by Mary-Joan Gerson

Hardcover, 2003



Call number

398.2 Ger

Call number

398.2 Ger

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398.2 Ger


Barefoot Books (2003), Hardcover, 64 pages


A collection of folktales from various cultures in Mexico, all focusing on the important roles of women, such as Rosha, a young girl who rescues the sun; the goddess Tangu Yuh; Kesne, a Zapotec princess; and the Virgin Mary.


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64 p.; 10.82 inches


1841489646 / 9781841489643



User reviews

LibraryThing member tankkss
This book examines different traditional Mexican stories featuring women. It is a collection of folk tales that are very interesting and the illustrations and text both capture the audiences attention. In this book, the text is only in English, however, there are a few sentences that are in Spanish, and they add much to the stories.… (more)
LibraryThing member blancaflor
I have recently become enamored with the artwork of Maya Christina Gonzales, and this book contains some wonderful illustrations of the women of mexican folktales. These are illustrations that I would love to display in my classroom.

Like any folktale, these stories are best when read aloud. It makes them easier to comprehend. Bewares, some of the mexican names were challenging, even with a pronunciation key.

Blancaflor and Mazitlan of the Mountain were great stories, I also enjoyed the story of the woman who was turned into a bird for disobeying her father's wishes.
… (more)




(7 ratings; 3.5)
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