Harper Collins German Dictionary: German-English/English-German

by Henry H. Collins, Jr.

Paperback, 1991



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Harpercollins (Mm) (1991), Edition: Rei, Mass Market Paperback


Covers all the vocabulary of current issues, with evidence drawn from Collins' unique multi-million word databanks of contemporary German and English. This new edition of the Collins German Dictionary is the result of a new, exciting partnership between Collins and the market-leading German publisher, Langenscheidt. It has been extensively revised, updated and expanded to cover all the vocabulary of current issues. Thousands of new phrases and meanings have been added from evidence from Collins' unique multi-million word databases of contemporary English and German, giving the user the most complete and accurate picture of real language available today. The fifth edition includes the uniquely helpful Language in Use supplement, a guide to written and oral communication in German. The page layout has been further improved to make the text even more accessible and easy to use. Boasting all the features that make Collins dictionaries world bestsellers, the fifth edition of the Collins German Dictionary reaffirms this as THE German/English dictionary for the 21st century.… (more)

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4.25 x 1.25 inches


0061002437 / 9780061002434



User reviews

LibraryThing member sporking
This is the absolute best German-English dictionary on the market. I haved used it for years for translating (professionally and for my own academic work), and it rarely leaves me in the lurch. It is truly the "expert's dictionary." It's probably too much for beginning language speakers, but for anyone who lives abroad, translates, or uses German at an advanced academic level, it is absolutely indispensible.

Oh, yes, it also has a translation for "lemon meringue pie."
… (more)
LibraryThing member drinkingtea
It's a big dictionary that weighs almost nothing. If you have a lot of space but don't feel like carrying anything heavy, this is the book for you. It is also a pretty good dictionary.
LibraryThing member reading_fox
A decent reference work, providing you already know some german and grammer.
LibraryThing member cstrauber
Best language dictionary ever, largely because of the twisted sense of humor which shows through in the usage examples.
LibraryThing member timsshelves
Excellent German English dictionary from Collins. In two colours so makes looking up words very easy, and the dictionary also covers grammar points such as genders, plurals, irregular verbs, etc. Packed with examples of how words are used and it also has a "Language in Use" section
LibraryThing member MeditationesMartini
Sh*t, Collins English-German dictionary, what happened to you? I got you because I thought you were good last time I was in Austria, and also you were light, and then I needed you all of five times (meine Deutsch wird ja besser!) and you were one for five only. They need a dictionary that doesn't bother with all the easy words that anyone actually having achieved the level of skill in a language necessary to allow them to communicate and require a dictionary in the first place, and just skips to the good stuff.… (more)


(51 ratings; 3.9)
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