The Gawgon and the Boy

by Lloyd Alexander

Paperback, 2003



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PB Ale

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PB Ale

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PB Ale




Puffin (2003), Paperback, 208 pages


In Depression-era Philadelphia, when eleven-year-old David is too ill to attend school, he is tutored by the unique and adventurous Aunt Annie, whose teaching combines with his imagination to greatly enrich his life.

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208 p.; 7.82 inches

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Eleven-year-old David nearly died of pneumonia. During recovery Dr. McKelvie prescribes fresh air and “mild exercise” but no school. However, David mother accepts Aunt Annie’s offer to tutor him and mild exercise turns out to include more than lounging around reading books about pirates,
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sneaking into theaters to see "the new films that actually talk", and writing up clever cartoons about the "Sea-Fox," the devilishly devious scourge of the Spanish Main. This horrible old Gorgon or “Gawgon” by some proves to impress David --whom she takes to simply calling "The Boy" after she learns about her nickname- and begins to co-star in his time hopping, globetrotting adventure stories.

This story was a bit confusing at first but got better and more interesting as the plot continued. This is defiantly a story for the older reader (10 and up). After struggling through I did end up liking the story.

This book would be very difficult to use in a classroom but it could be used to challenge an advanced reader. It could also be use for some creative writing stories using real people.
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