Brave Norman (Pets To The Rescue)

by Andrew Clements

Hardcover, 2002



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R Cle





Scholastic (2002), Paperback


Norman, a blind Labrador retriever, saves a girl from drowning in the ocean.


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LibraryThing member Cheryl_in_CC_NV
One of a cute series for beginner readers about amazing, life-saving pets.
LibraryThing member kslack3
This book was truly inspirational and touching. I enjoyed reading it and can see it being used in a classroom. I liked the sense of tension and conflict in the book. The dog, Norman, went blind a little before the halfway point in the book. This engaged the reader and put them on edge. The
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character development was strong and the readers were already invested in Norman. This single event had the read thinking things like how would the blindness effect Norman’s life? Will his family still love and keep him? Etc. Later on, the conflict of the story had readers turning the page. A girl was drowning and Norman, despite his lack of sight, was able to save her. The message behind the book was that every being has value. No matter who they are, tall, short, blind, deaf, etc., they can make an impact on the world. I loved that about the book. Aside from reaching typical readers, any student with a disability of any kind has a special connection to the dog. It paints the blind dog in a bright and heroic light. It was truly inspiring.
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