The Spy on Third Base (Peach Street Mudders Story)

by Matthew F Christopher

Paperback, 1990



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Little, Brown Young Readers (1990), Paperback, 62 pages


A third baseman is sick with anxiety about whether or not to help his team by using his knack for knowing where the batter is going to hit the ball.


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62 p.; 7.98 inches



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The Spy on Third Base is a story about a boy, T.V. Adams, who has an uncanny ability to predict certain aspects of the game of baseball. When he is in the field he seems to know where the batter is going to hit it. He says that it is not magic; he says he just “studies the batters.” His ability
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attracts some unwanted attention and T.V. begins to get threatening phone calls. T.V. gets nervous and for a couple of games he refuses to use his ability. One day he decides that he is not going to let the phone bully influence him any longer. Soon he discovers who the phone caller is.

I think that this book would be great for children who are interested in sports. Matt Christopher has written a large number of these sports books which involve a wide variety of different sports. In addition, I think the book is great because he explores the nervous emotions felt by T.V. when he is faced with these threatening phone calls.

I think this could be a good experience for children to explore the world of sports in the classroom. I think that I would have the children think of their favorite sport and their favorite professional athlete. The students could write up a essay and present it to the class. Another thing that I would do is to explore the history of baseball. Where was it invented? Who invented it and when? Where were the first games played and who played in them? We could dedicate an entire period to this history of baseball. I think the children would enjoy it.
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